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10 Thanksgiving traditions to try with your family this year

10 Thanksgiving traditions to try with your family this year

The good news about being a grownup is that you get to create your very own holiday traditions. Keep the best ones from your childhood, of course. Blend with your spouse’s, if applicable. And here’s the fun part—add in new traditions that sync up with your life now. Thanksgiving is almost here at BackCountry™. So pick and choose from these 10 ideas for new traditions to try this year. They just might make the cut and become the things your children fondly remember (and carry on) when they’re the grownups.

  1. Savor a slow, luxurious breakfast. Who says you have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning so that you can eat by two? Take time for a tasty breakfast like these cranberry buttermilk pancakes, and then when you feel good and ready, start on prepping the turkey for dinner instead of lunch. That leaves plenty of time for hanging out in the kitchen, watching football, and taking walks. Speaking of which…
  2. Get active with your family. Kick off your day with a walk or run at the Denver Turkey Trot. The Turkey Trot benefits the Mile High United Way and has been named one of the nation’s best Thanksgiving events with live music, vendors, and a beer garden. If the Trot feels too ambitious, BackCountry residents can always get their hearts pumping on one of the many community trails.Denver turkey trot
  3. Bake gratitude rollsHave your guests write down what they’re thankful for on slips of parchment paper. Then bake them into crescent rolls. At dinner, open your roll, read the slip, and guess who wrote it.
  4. Provide conversation starters. Create this table game with cute question cards like, “If you could invite anyone to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?”
  5. Let everyone toast their thanks with this hibiscus ginger punch recipeGiving everyone a chance to speak slows down the dinner and gets the gratitude flowing.
  6. Kick off the Christmas season. Some families like to play the first Christmas music of the season while cooking or put up decorations after dinner. Read more favorite traditions (some tongue-in-cheek, such as wearing stretch pants) here.

And don’t forget to visit our very own BackCountry Autumn Pinterest board, where you can pick up more creative ideas like these:

    1. Make a Thanksgiving family cookbook. Have everyone bring recipes for their favorite dishes and make a collection—the perfect Hanukkah or Christmas gift for all.
    2. Host a pie night. Either on the big day or the day after, gather friends and their favorite pies for a little friendly tasting competition. This Pie Night post includes printables for invitations, judging cards, food tent labels, and gratitude charades, where you act out a randomly drawn statement of gratitude by your fellow guests. 

      Pie night tradition

    3. Start a family gratitude jar. Starting on Nov. 1, everyone in the family writes down something they’re grateful for each day. Then all are read at the Thanksgiving table.
    4. Provide Thanksgiving Take-Out. These stylish, printable labels, along with disposable containers, give you a cute, memorable way to share yummy leftovers with the people you love.

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