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Spring clean like a pro.

Warmer days are just around the corner. But while we’re still stuck inside, why not get our spring cleaning done? After all, once it’s green and glorious outside, that’s where we’ll want to be. Not inside scrubbing the kitchen sink. And especially so at BackCountry, where there’s so much natural beauty to enjoy, with miles of […]

Just say no to hibernating.

Ah. It’s the season of coziness. Saturday afternoons by the fire. Digging into a big bowl of chili. Blissfully nodding off, lulled by the soundtrack of your latest Netflix binge-watch. We can do better than this, Coloradans. Especially if you live at BackCountry, winter need not be a four-walled purgatory until spring. Warm days are coming […]

Get that BackCountry glow—Skin care comes to the Sundial House.

Cooking classes. Stand-up comedy. Live music. Catered “drive-by” dinners. The Sundial House brings a long list of life-enhancing resources to BackCountry residents. Did you know that skin care from a highly esteemed medical spa is yet another? Two days a month, Renu Laser & Skin Care comes to one of the treatment rooms at the Sundial House, […]