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Meet Aspen Leaf Market, a BackCountry Resident, and Save 20%

What do orange stained glass earrings, handcrafted marshmallow skewers, and a bar stool made of whiskey barrels have in common? Besides being really cool, they’re all for sale at Aspen Leaf Market, the budding online business of BackCountry™ resident Magdalena Sedzimir. There’s a common vision behind them all, too. As a purveyor of eclectic women’s apparel, […]

Docents Wanted at the Highlands Ranch Mansion

You know those nice people who answer questions so patiently at zoos, museums, and other cultural hot spots? Now is your chance to become one too, at quite possibly the coolest place in all of Highlands Ranch. Located less than 10 minutes away from BackCountry™,  the 120-year-old Highlands Ranch Mansion is the namesake of the community. And […]

Resale/New Home Smackdown

Buying and renovating older homes looks so easy on HGTV, doesn’t it? In one short hour, a home goes from dog to divine. Within budget. And remarkably, within the skill set of clueless homeowners. Cue the sledgehammers and safety glasses. But—no surprise here—“reality” TV tends to gloss over the drudgery and blown budgets. So if […]