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The best day o’ March. How to make this your best St. Patrick’s Day yet.

What will you do this St. Paddy’s Day? There are so many ways to celebrate—beyond tossing on a green shirt (and pinching those who forget). Here’s a quick round-up of ideas for celebrating the grand Irish feast of St. Patrick at home, at BackCountry, and around the metro area. Of course, the classic way to celebrate […]

Sweet 16. Don’t miss out on BackCountry’s last custom homes.

It’s hard to believe, but after eight years, this 1,100-acre community is down to its last 16 custom home sites. Then again, if you’ve spent any time at all exploring BackCountry’s Custom Collection, you’re probably not too surprised by the robust sales. First, there’s the location. These homes tuck into the southern edge of BackCountry™, which means […]

Spring is almost here. Is your home ready?

March in Colorado looks like snow-covered daffodils. Spring break blizzards and play dates at greened-up parks. And fleece jackets one day and shorts the next. Just the way we like it here at BackCountry™. Whether the outside world agrees or not, spring really is just around the corner. So here are some tips for preparing your […]