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Celebrate the Outdoors in Winter, Too.

Everyone loves hiking and biking in the summer. And fishing and kayaking and paddle boarding and white water rafting and… we could go on and on. Come winter time, people are breaking out the skis and boards and heading to the mountains. And while Colorado is famous for its snowy slopes, you’ll find other winter […]

You Are Where You Sleep

Your bedroom is your retreat — the safe place where you relax, wind down, and dream. You spend at least a good 1/3 of your day in there, so shouldn’t this be the most comfortable room in the house? Whether you’re moving into a new home in BackCountry and need master bedroom décor ideas or […]

Get a Fresh Start with a Fresh Coat of Paint

2018 is here! It’s a new year with an open-ended horizon. A blank canvas, if you will. And when faced with a blank canvas, one should grab for the paints and brush away! We’re speaking metaphorically, of course. But nothing gives you a fresher feel than a layer of new paint around the house. So […]