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Beat the Heat For Your Summer Workouts

Hey – remember back in January when you made the resolution that THIS was the year you were going to lose weight / get back in shape / train for that 14er? Well, we assume you’ve been killing it at the gym and on the Backcountry trails ever since, right? Now that it’s summer, you’re […]

Events For An Uneventful August

August is named after Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of Rome. His uncle, Julius Caesar, was the one famous for getting stabbed by his own friends (not to be confused with the Caesar who created the Caesar Salad Dressing). After his uncle’s death, Augustus stepped up to the throne and led a prosperous and peaceful […]

For dream-home inspiration, look to the stars

If you’re sharp and adventurous enough to make Colorado your home, then you’re the kind of person who can see the value of a new home in the BackCountry community. Not only have we been awarded the prestigious Community of the Year award by the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver, we offer fantastic amenities […]

Make Your Space Special

One of the amazing things about your beautiful home at BackCountry is the open-concept floorplan designed in every house. No more walls between rooms, cutting off natural light, casual conversations, and all-around ambiance. With your big open kitchen, dining, and living space, you can embrace a more cohesive environment and all of the sunshine and […]