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Bring the Flavors of Fall Into Your Home

You may already have your pumpkins carved and candles lit, but nothing truly makes a home feel like fall without the harvest season foods we know and love: apples, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and — of course — pumpkin. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall recipes that celebrate autumnal flavors, so get ready to […]

Get your ghoul on with these Halloween décor ideas.

Don’t be scared. We uncovered a virtual world of ideas to help you throw the best Halloween party ever. Spooky décor can set the tone for a party the neighborhood will never forget. (And people who live in BackCountry do love to celebrate Halloween—for example, at the Sundial House’s Haunted House.) The BackCountry Autumn Pinterest board includes Halloween […]

Back-to-School 101

Whether you’re sad to see them go or jonesing for a quiet house, it is what it is: The first day of school is upon us. If you live in BackCountry™, August 10 is the start day for your Stone Mountain Elementary School kiddos. Ranch View Middle School welcomes back 7th graders on Aug. 9, and […]

Resale/New Home Smackdown

Buying and renovating older homes looks so easy on HGTV, doesn’t it? In one short hour, a home goes from dog to divine. Within budget. And remarkably, within the skill set of clueless homeowners. Cue the sledgehammers and safety glasses. But—no surprise here—“reality” TV tends to gloss over the drudgery and blown budgets. So if […]

Easy Ways to Summer-ize Your Backyard

After our cool, wet spring, it feels amazing to move dinner back outside. Everything tastes better in the fresh air. We linger a little longer over dessert. And for many at BackCountry™, the views of the Front Range are stunning. (Don’t live at BackCountry yet? Start your home search here.) Wherever you live, now is the perfect […]

Plan before you plant.

Is it a mere coincidence that plan precedes plant in the dictionary? We think not. As any master gardener will tell you, a thoughtful plan is as indispensable a tool as, say, your gardening spade. And, as any sun-starved gardener will tell you, the snowy/rainy days of early spring are the perfect time to strategize […]

Spring Preview: Shadow Walk Collection

It’s not just the daytime temperatures that are heating up. So is the home buying market, as it tends to do every spring. At BackCountry, home buyers have plenty of options, with 10 builders to choose from. Shea Homes’ Shadow Walk Collection is currently generating a lot of interest with six plans, including one ranch and five […]

Spring clean like a pro.

Warmer days are just around the corner. But while we’re still stuck inside, why not get our spring cleaning done? After all, once it’s green and glorious outside, that’s where we’ll want to be. Not inside scrubbing the kitchen sink. And especially so at BackCountry, where there’s so much natural beauty to enjoy, with miles of […]