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Your Handy Guide to Celebrating Father’s Day

Did you know Father’s Day is celebrated around the world? In Thailand, kids give their fathers the Canna flower, which has a masculine association in their culture. In Mexico, they hold big celebrations with food and music and a 21-kilometer race in Mexico City. And in Germany, the men themselves organize hikes and other gatherings […]

Why Halloween is happy at BackCountry

Contrary to what many kids might say, candy isn’t the best part of Halloween: it’s the togetherness. At BackCountry, plenty of that goes on at Halloween, just like at the community’s other holiday and seasonal gatherings. This Halloween marked the 2nd Annual BackCountry Haunted House, held at the community’s award-winning gathering place, the Sundial House. The theme […]

Happier holidays! A few tips for the season ahead.

What’s our favorite holiday, America? According to a 2015 Harris poll, Christmas wins, despite all our eye rolling about commercialization. But firmly in second place? Thanksgiving. (Interestingly, Valentine’s Day came in dead last at 1%.) So with our two fave holidays coming right up, these suggestions will help you make the most of the season. Fun, […]

Fall: It’s a classic.

That crisp air. Those falling leaves. The scent of pumpkin and cinnamon in the air. In September, autumn settles gradually into Colorado, and for many people it’s their favorite time of year. With aspens turning gold and the elk bugling, a trip to the high country is definitely in order. But don’t forget about the […]

Fun is Ageless at BackCountry

“BackCountry™ is just for young families.” “BackCountry is just for empty nesters.” Hmm. Here’s the truth behind those two misconceptions: BackCountry is for everyone, of every age. Here’s the simple reason why—it was designed that way. The pool, parks, and trails appeal to all ages, from active toddlers to active seniors. And so does BackCountry’s […]

Docents Wanted at the Highlands Ranch Mansion

You know those nice people who answer questions so patiently at zoos, museums, and other cultural hot spots? Now is your chance to become one too, at quite possibly the coolest place in all of Highlands Ranch. Located less than 10 minutes away from BackCountry™,  the 120-year-old Highlands Ranch Mansion is the namesake of the community. And […]

Eat right vs. eat right now.

That is the battle, isn’t it? After a full day of work, the idea of searching the fridge, chopping, cooking, and cleaning up can be daunting. And if your drive home passes by fast food outlets all lined up like eager suitors, a diet-busting detour can feel inevitable. Good news, busy-but-well-intentioned BackCountry™ residents. Ready Fit Go […]

The Art of Being a Colorado Kid: A Retrospective

Whether the idea of a “kid-friendly” neighborhood makes you cheer or run for cover, you’ll be just fine at BackCountry™. This neighborhood offers plenty of grownup fare—think comedy shows, wine tastings, and cooking classes at the Sundial House, hiking and biking trails and the like—but it’s ideal for keeping your kids happy, too. Like their parents and […]

Props for your pop

Father’s Day is coming soon—Sunday, June 19, to be precise—so get ready to show him some love. Have you already picked out the annual, obligatory tie? If not, be glad because there’s a much more creative gift waiting for him. Of course, if you live at BackCountry™, you’re a mere 10 minutes away from Park Meadows […]

Meet BackCountry’s dog, cat, and ferret whisperer

If you live at BackCountry™, chances are you’ll eventually run into Diana L. walking dogs on the community’s many trails or in the attached wilderness area. Not just her own two dogs, but the many she takes care of as part of her business, Elite Pet Services. Along with cats and yes, ferrets. Why ferrets? “I […]