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Why You Should Relocate to Highlands Ranch

Why You Should Relocate to Highlands Ranch

The U.S. Census recently came out with a report about why people move. According to the report, about half of the movers surveyed claimed that “housing” was the reason they relocated. This includes wanting a better neighborhood and house as well as wanting to own rather than rent.

The report also discovered that more than twice as many people move within their county as opposed to moving to another. Which means most moves stay pretty local. When they looked at the reasoning between these two groups, they found that people who move within their county are almost twice as likely to do so for housing-related reasons, while people who move out of their county do so more for family and jobs in addition to housing.

If you’re a Colorado resident ready to relocate within the state or even Douglas County, take a look at Highlands Ranch. This bedroom community boasts a low crime rate and connects residents to the busting Denver m

etro area while showcasing the beauty of the wild outdoors. Just last year, Money Magazine ranked it as one of the Best Places to Live in 2016, and for good reason. Off all the places they listed, Highlands Ranch is poised to add the most jobs over the next five years.

If you love Colorado, chances are you love the outdoors. One of the gems of the Highlands Ranch community is the BackCountry Wilderness Area, which offers 8,200 acres of conservation space. Visitors can enjoy the 26 miles of trails and sign up for various outdoor activities.

Right on the border of the wilderness area is the BackCountry luxury home community. Featuring a variety of homes, styles, and price ranges, BackCountry is an ideal relocation destination for Colorado living. Located in Highlands Ranch, residents have access to all of the local amenities, including 70+ miles of hiking and biking trails, neighborhood parks, and state-of-the-art recreation centers with everything from rock-climbing to in-line hockey to racquetball, swimming, basketball, and volleyball.

Within the BackCountry community, you’ll find winding trails leading to pocket parks and playgrounds. Our Sundial House, which is a luxurious, residents-only retreat, offers a pub, a fitness studio, spa treatment rooms, an outdoor amphitheater, and a resort-style pool. The Sundial House also guides you out to the neighboring BackCountry Wilderness Area for additional hiking and biking trails.

Run by a professional and highly efficient HOA, BackCountry has won accolades, including the prestigious “Community of the Year” by the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver and “Best Club House in the Country” for our Sundial House community facility.

Residents of BackCountry also have access to the Douglas County School District, with high marks in reading, math, and writing. And the ideal location, only twelve miles south of Denver, puts homeowners in the middle of everything, from the Highlands Ranch business parks to downtown Denver to the Rocky Mountains on the horizon.

When you live in BackCountry, every day is a choice between luxurious spa-like amenities and the back-to-nature thrill of exploring the great outdoors. It’s the ideal location in Colorado. And once you live here, you’ll understand what we mean when we say we’re “Wild At Heart.”

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